Michigan State: Basketball or Football School?

As I watched Michigan State dispatch Louisville on Sunday to head to the ninth Final Four in program history, while the pro-MSU crowd broke into their alternating “Go Green! Go White!” chant, an age-old question entered my mind: Is MSU a basketball or football school? The other three schools in this year’s Final Four don’t have the kind of debate Sparty does. Kentucky and Duke have always been basketball powerhouses…

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Olsen: ‘Everyone showed up tonight’

While it was only the third game of the season, last night’s win over the Galaxy was huge for the Black-and-Red. As Olsen shared last week, their schedule is front heavy so the wins from the start of the season to mid April are pivotal. The team is starting to get healthy, they aren’t close to being at full strength so every win weighs a little more right now. If…

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Pontius header extends United home streak to 13

The crowd of 14, 462 were treated to a great match between two of the most winningest teams in league history. The Los Angeles Galaxy are the reigning champs, while they were missing a few pieces, they showed their championship mettle in a physical match with DC United. The Black-and-Red haven’t had much success against the Galaxy in recent years, having not won in their last 10 tries. The most…

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Rolfe: ‘We’re not too far away’

I had the opportunity to sit down with Chris Rolfe yesterday for a short chat, the team is ready to face the Galaxy tonight at RFK stadium. The game starts at 7pm EST, Rolfe is also the first in line for limited player posters the team is offering at home games this season. Rolfe plays a key role on this team, he’s a big part of the attack as he’s…

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Student meets teacher as reigning champs come to DC

Two storied franchises face off tomorrow at RFK Stadium, the reigning champions in the Los Angeles Galaxy and DC United. The Galaxy now have the lead for MLS championships after winning last season, bringing their total to five. United is right behind them, having won four titles. The head coaches have known each other for over twenty years, both in a coach to player relationship as well as peers in…


WrestleMania 31 Preview and Predictions

It’s that time of year again as WrestleMania is this Sunday! While the build-up for the show hasn’t been all that intriguing, I’m very excited for this card and how everything pans out. Brock Lesnar re-signing with the WWE adds a whole lot more intrigue to the biggest professional wrestling show of the year. Levi’s Stadium, home of the San Francisco 49ers will play host to the 31st annual WrestleMania….


Conversation with Southern Connecticut State University Coach Bert DeSalvo

No matter where a coach coaches, they all have similar roles and expectations, with the biggest one being winning. At the collegiate level, not only is winning important, but so is recruiting and academics. College coaches have to scout players who will fit their system both on and off the court. Bert DeSalvo is a Division II head coach at Southern Connecticut State University. I met Coach DeSalvo while I…