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Last year the race for MVP was extremely tight and I believed that the award was given to the wrong person. Not that they weren’t deserving of the award, just the wrong person in my opinion. I am sorry to say that I am afraid that it will go to the wrong person once again this year. LeBron James is amazing, there is no doubt in my mind that he is one of the most talented players in the NBA and a potential triple double threat every night. The kid is absolutely amazing, yet I am being drawn closer to the Kevin Durant camp in this race. Last year I think D-Wade was more deserving of the award simply for what he did with less, if you had taken both stars off their teams I still believe the Cavs were better than the Heat. I think Cleveland is built to where LeBron does everything, don’t get me wrong but Miami lacks the supporting talent. Now back to this year, KD (Kevin Durant) has put this young franchise on his back and has them 10 games over .500 in the Western Conference!! Like the Cavs aka the “LeBrons”, the Thunder are being called the “Durants” this year. The Durantula just ended a streak of 29 consecutive games of scoring at least 25 points, the only person who had done that longer was some guy named MICHAEL JORDAN!! They are both averaging similar numbers, 29.8 ppg and around 7 rebounds a game. LeBron has the edge in assists 8.5 to 2.9, only reason there is the supporting cast. Other than Durant, there are no prolific spot up shooters on his team. Russell Westbrook who is absolutely amazing to watch, is not a jump shooter yet. Jeff Green is a “jack of all trades” type of player, and James Harden is still a rookie learning the ropes. Mo Williams, Delonte West, and Anthony Parker might not sound like the greatest group of NBA players but they can all knock down the open shot. Having Shaq down in the paint doesn’t hurt either, for that creates even more space for these guys to spot up and knock down the open jumper when the time calls. I’m just not a fan of the best player on the best team gets the award, seriously if your team is stacked and can survive without you I’m gonna look at the team that has no chance without you. If you take away Kobe or LeBron from their teams, they obviously wouldn’t contend for a championship but don’t tell me they would be lottery bound. Talent wise top to bottom those rosters are stacked, take the Durantuala away and what’s left…Nick Collison? All I’m saying is let’s not be so quick to fall into what has now become a popularity contest, and truly dissect and research the members of this race. It’s called the Most Valuable Player award, not the Most Popular Player award. Who do you think deserves this years MVP award?

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  1. I completely agree. and no that isnt just my pure hatred for Lebron coming through. My only question is do the voters have the balls to give the MVP to Durant now when he clearly still hasnt reached the top of his game yet & is only in his 3rd year. just wait till he signs w/ the Wiz after next

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