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I had a conversation with a friend of mine last week about Tim Tebow and his NFL stock. I had vehemently pronounced that he didn’t have the “skill set” that would enable him to be overly successful in the NFL. As a 49ers fan I think of what Urban Meyer did to Alex Smith in terms of setting him up to fail on the next level by not instilling the fundamentals needed to succeed at the next level at that position. I just finished watching a segment on Sports Center showing what Tebow has been up to, the guy has 4 coaches drilling him on these very fundamentals that I as well as others believe he was lacking. I’m not going to lie to you, the guy on tape doesn’t look anything like the guy who one 2 titles and a Heisman at Florida. I’ve never had anything against Tebow the person but prior to seeing this tape I felt bad for him because of the lack of preperation he had in operating from under center. I would like to commend Tebow for the work he has done and the coaches for giving this kid what he needs to be successful on the next level. Do I believe that you can fix what’s wrong with your game in 6 months after being successful the other way in 4 years? Yes, everyone is different and I have never been one to question Tebow’s drive or will to be successful. So I guess what I’m saying is that I have reversed my position, and I do believe that Tim Tebow may be the best QB of this draft down the road. I do not believe that it will be with in the next couple of years, but I do believe when he gets his chance and he continues progressing in his new schooling he will be ready to succeed. Seriously he’s not the same guy we saw at Florida or the Senior Bowl, I hope everybody gets to see the segment I saw because the change is that obvious. His release point is high, footwork is smooth, the ball comes out quick, and his confidence is through the roof. His new coaches have done a remarkable job and I really look forward to Tebow’s pro day to see him throw, he does not plan to throw at the upcomming combine. What do you think of Tebow’s future in the NFL?

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