USA “upsets” Canada in Hockey

Canada is besides itself right now because they lost in “their” sport, on “their” soil, in “their” olympics. I heard that this is the 30 year anniversary of the “Miracle on Ice”, I think that was a great story and that last night’s game has nothing to do with the one 30 years ago. I think the media is going a little crazy by creating the perception that the gap of talent between Canada and the US is as equal to the talent gap between the US and the rest of the world in the 80’s. For one, they are playing in an NHL size rink and that limits the space that the supposedly more “talented” teams have to operate. Secondly, the guys on the Canadian roster play with the guys on the US roster. There is no “awe” factor at all, yes Canada has more “skill” maybe and limitless combinatinos of talent in terms of line strength. Now the US is not getting the publicity and or respect that the Russias and Canadas of the world, but they are not a bad team at all. They are just young, they do have a roster loaded with “NHL” talent. I do not believe this was that big of an upset other than on paper. If you ask me, I think Russia has a better team than Canada in terms of the types of players they have. Gritty, hardworking, and physical teams are always better than highly skilled finesse teams in my book. Canada is obviously the latter, Russia is definetely as physical as it is skilled, and the US has a nice blend of both. So how much of an “upset” was this in your eyes? A huge win at best, defintely not to be mentioned with the “Miracle on Ice”, right?

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