Dying Bracket

Now that another top seed has died, what shape is your bracket in now?? This is crazy, in one weekend a whole bracket is gone!!!
Will someone please tell the top seeds to show up, or at least scout the lower seed before the game?? Don’t show up and find out that the smaller school has a 7 footer with League talent. What are the scouts for these schools doing, or allegedly doing when they’re supposed to be working? Did no one on Villanova know that St. Mary’s had a bunch of shooters and one of the only guys in the country to average 20 and 10? Or did they misinterpret the kid’s 1st round line of 26 and 12, and blame it on “a good day”? Omar Samhan can hoop!!! 32 points, 7 boards, and 2 blocks tell me he didn’t accidentally learn how to play ball yesterday. So Scottie Reynolds essentially stayed 4 years in school to lose in the 2nd round of his senior year to St. Mary’s? I’m as big a Big East fan as anyone but after Villanova,Georgetown, and NotreDame’s performance I wish Cincinatti, South Florida, and Seton Hall were there instead!!! At least the last 3 would have shown up for their games, that is not to say I am dismissing what the lower seeds accomplished. I am not blindly backing these schools, I have long had a disdain for all 3 Big East teams that lost especially the way that they are built. I haven’t liked the Hoya’s offense ever, it’s not indicative of the offensive talent they actually have. Notre Dame never really lets their guards loose due to their dependence on Luke Harangody, even though their guards are extremely talented. Villanova needs to recruit a true big man, stop being blinded by raw athleticism of players who are really extremely tall small forwards and power forwards. During their losses none of those teams showed their true talent, don’t tell me that Austin Freeman, Chris Wright, or Greg Monroe couldn’t have went off and won that game if they had scrapped that “sharing” offense. Or that Tory Jackson, Tim Abromitis, and Ben Hansbrough couldn’t have taken control of that game in the back court. In Notre Dame’s loss their bigs were at a disadvantage not the guards, why not let the guards free and attack? Okay I’m going to let that go now, but I still think even bigger upsets are on the way. Not because of talent, but the contrast in playing styles. That is why this years bracket for many many many many many people are already dead. Have patience, bigger trees stand to fall yet. That’s why I love this time of year, even though my brackets dead I can’t wait to see how many top seeds are left going into the Elite Eight and Final Four!!! I think a lot of people will be shocked….Who do you think the next top seed to fall is going to be?

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