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The 1st week of the NCAA tourney has just passed, after all the upsets and drama it’s time to start looking at who’s making a name for themselves. On the other hand some of the so called “house hold” names have faltered and their stock has dropped signifigantly since they are no longer in the tournament. The tournament is a proving ground for those with NBA aspirations, both those who have made their aspirations known or not. You have the big schools get challenged and sometimes beat by their smaller brethern, that’s what makes the tournament so great. Greg Monroe, Luke Harangody, Cole Aldrich, Scottie Reynolds and other “stars” had alot on the line when this started a week ago. Unlike the NFL where Bowl games don’t have the weight that the NCAA Tournament does, these kids have to produce during the tournament. Work outs obviously are a requirement to the draft process but your body of work in college consists of what you did during the regular season and post season. If you are routinely in the tournament in you college career and you don’t produce it doesn’t bode well for you come draft time. The kids from Kentucky are making money right now, Omar Samhan is stealing the national spotlight, Evan Turner and Desean Butler are leading their teams to victories. Wesley Johnson is looking like one of the top 5 players in the country, maybe the best wing prospect. Who else do you think is making money for them right now in terms of the draft??

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