NBA R.O.Y Race….

Tyreke Evans is the most physically imposing point guard in the league, Stepehen Curry has the prettiest jumper second to only Ray Allen, Brandon Jennings put up 55 earlier this season and Marcus Thorton has show us that he shouldn’t have been a 2nd Round pick in last year’s draft. This year’s class of rookies is super talented, and the level of talent runs deep. Evans is averaging 20 points a game with 5 dimes and 5 boards. Curry amasses multiple assists with out possessing a superior vision for passing, he runs the team well and always makes the simple pass. Jennings is a pure point guard in my opinion, after torching the Warriors for 55 earlier this year analysts started making Iverson comparisons. Although those comparisons might have been a bit impulsive, all Jennings has done was lead a Bucks team to the thick of the Eastern Conference Playoff Race. Marcus Thorton is a pure scorer, I don’t care what you say about him the guy puts the ball in the hoop. His rookie backcourt mate Darren Collison isn’t a slouch either, Collison has took over the reigns after CP3’s injury and the offense hasn’t dropped off at all. My choice would be Tyreke Evans for Rookie of the Year because he has been the most consistent. On the other hand it shouldn’t always be about pure numbers, Jennings is taking a team from the lottery to the Playoffs. Jennings isn’t a rookie in my mind though, what he gained last year in Europe has kept him from hitting the proverbial “Rookie Wall.” As you can see I’m torn, who do you think the Rookie of the Year is?

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