Pacquiao or Mayweather

After Manny Pacquiao finished his recent execution of Clottey last weekend it brought on the familiar debate of which fighter is better. Manny or Floyd? I think Pacquiao is a magnificent fighter and should be applauded for what he has accomplished at his stature. I also believe that Mayweather’s talents go unappreciated due to his rude, abrasive,and arrogant behavior. Like many fight fans I was looking forward to a Mayweather Pacquiao bout, unfortunately that did not happen. I don’t care who either of these two fighters fight, if it’s not each other it’s pointless. No one has ever seen the level of conditioning that Paquiao possesses, he is able to continue throwing an absurd amount of punches over 12 rounds with out tiring. At the same token, no one has figured out the conundrum that is Mayweather’s defense yet. Picking sides between these two fighters is as brutal as being a Red Sox or Yankees fan, there is no meeting ground. Trying to look at it objectively, I believe that a counter puncher will always beat a fighter that throws punches in high volume. My reasoning is that Pacquiao doesn’t always connect at a high clip for the number of punches he throws. Mayweather has a gift for deflecting blows and returning a dangerous amount of punches in return when countering, he also connects at an extremely high rate. I hope too many people don’t get upset but dare I say that Mayweather is faster and or quicker than Pacquiao. In the last 2 weeks I have been in numerous discussions on this subject, please let me know who you think is better?

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