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There is a huge misconception about the NBA D-League, it is not a indictment on a players career and or talent to be sent down. It is in fact the NBA equivalent to the minor leagues, in MLB no one criticizes a player for getting sent down. It is seen as a re-assignment and nothing more. When the same happens in the NBA, people make judgements and accusations about the player(s) that are being sent down. When players are brought up from the D-League, no one says anything other than positive statements about the teams bringing set player up. There are only 2 rounds of the NBA draft, there are many more players than there are picks every year. If the European players that get drafted get to be able to reamain in their countries until they are ready to contribute in the league, what is wrong with the players who get drafted being sent down to the D-League until they are ready to contribute? Is there a difference, it is still under popular belief that the NBA doesn’t have a rival league..right? If that is truly the case than playing in Europe is no different than playing in the D-League other than name. If anything the D-League game resembles the game played in the NBA more so than any European league. There are many players who play vital roles on contending teams that were from the D-League, with only 2 rounds in the draft talent is often misjudged. A couple of weeks ago Hasheem Thabeet of the Grizzlies was sent down to the D-League, it made headlines because he was the first top pick to be sent down there. He was ridiculed for this move and made an example of for no reason, no one mentioned that it was for the opportunity to get minutes. In the Grizzlies’ rotation there are not many minutes for front court players, Marc Gasol doesn’t foul out much and he has a solid offensive game. Thabeet on the other hand does not, he is a gifted defensive player but truly lacks game offensively. After the story was made no one mentioned that he averaged 21 ppg, 10 rpg, and 3 bpg while down on his assignment. Gasol got hurt recently and Thabeet was called back up and has been starting the last few games and contributing. I wish people would rethink their views on the D-League and see it for what it is, an opportunity for young players who don’t get the minutes. What do you think of the D-League, is it the minor leagues for the NBA in your oppinon or just another league?

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