5th ROUND PICK????

I understand that the new look NFL cares about character, I don’t have too big an issue with that. What I do have an issue with is inexplicable trades that are a result of “character issues.” Santonio Holmes, former Super Bowl MVP was traded for a fifth round pick, a 5TH ROUND PICK!!!!!!! If you were to get rid of him, am I to really believe ALL that you could get for him was a 5th round pick? Not a 2nd or 3rd, but a 5th!!! Big Ben has been accused twice of rape, Holmes allegedly threw a glass at a woman, a charge that has already been dropped. A male witness has confessed to throwing the glass, out of these two issues why is Holmes the one on the move?? Why trade either one, I’m sure there is to be some sort of discinplinary action handed down by the commisioner. That still isn’t reason to get rid of 60 to 70 percent of your offense (at least by my estimation) and get nothing in return, the Jets have made off like bandits in this offseason and it’s not even the draft yet. They still have all their good picks, they have added 3 Pro Bowl players. Antonio Cromartie, Ladanian Tomlinson, and now Santonio Holmes with a week to spare before the draft. Who’s to say they don’t go out and aqquire Brandon Marshall?? They are already courting Jason Taylor, I know this year was going to be an uncapped year. I didn’t know it was going to be get rid of your percieved “malcontents” offseason, and get rid of them at all costs at that. Do you think a 5th rounder was the best YOU could get for Santonio Holmes???

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