Ernie Sims the new Eagle!!

We are 3 days away from this year’s NFL draft,up to this point the offseason has been crazy!! This year’s run of trades has continued, Ernie Sims is now a Philadelphia Eagle. The Eagles made noise earlier this offseason for the trade of “Franchise” QB Donavan McNabb, through a couple other trades they accumalated a few picks to give them a grand total of 10 for Thursday’s draft. The Lions sent Sims to Philly in order to get TE Tony Scheffler from the Broncos, the Broncos recieved an undisclosded draft pick from the Eagles( i believe it was a 7th rounder). Outside of trading McNabb, recent struggles for the Eagles was their defense, namely the saftey and linebacker positions. By aquiring Sims from the Lions, they fixed that need in a HUGE way, Sims is a 1st Round talent who was stuck on a bad team. This move was good for the Lions as well because a TE is a QB’s best friend, getting Scheffler give them two good tight ends. The only part of this trade that I question is what did the Broncos gain out of all of this?? Not only is the draft just 3 days away, but rumor has it that there is lots more trading to go on before and during the draft!! What do you think the Broncos were thinking when they took part in this trade??

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