Great Fits and Steals

The 5th round of the NFL draft is winding down, I’m still wide awake and parked in the same chair. I’m trying not to blog too much while watching this, but we all know that wasn’t going to happen!! There are a couple of picks that I think are great, and I mean GREAT fits for their perspective teams. Toby Gerhart the physical running back from Stanford, he is now the #2 back in the Vikings backfield. Think about this, when Adrian “ALL DAY” Peterson comes out the defense is not getting a break at all. Instead of a small shifty type back coming in to change the pace, the Vikings elected to go with the bruiser. They are going to hit you in the mouth every time they run the ball, whether its AP or Gerhart. The Cowboys are in my running for luckiest teams in the draft, I mean they had DEZ BRYANT fall in their laps!!! For the encore performance they stole Akwasi Owusu-Ansah, if you don’t know who that is Ansah is a corner/special teamer extraordinaire. The guys name means “Born on Sunday”, not to side track but Adam Schefter just announced that the Raiders traded for Jason Campbell or at least are in the process of trading for Jason Campbell. That is a steal, the Raiders just got a very good QB for late round picks potentially!!! Jason Campbell makes the Raiders relevant again, like that makes them a balanced offensive football team. What do you think of the Gerhart, Bryant, and Ansah trades??

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