He’s Baaack!!!!

I’ve been trying to find something else to do today other than watch golf. I tried mowing the lawn, washing the car, and finally the sports geek in me had to turn the television on. I turned it on just in time to watch Tiger hook a ball 30 to 40 yards in the air around the trees and land on the green. I am not sure what hole it was on, I didn’t even sit around to find out. I saw all I needed to see, the man is back. Skip Bayless was on First Take today talking about which Tiger was going to show, the new meek one or the old angry Tiger. For all of those believing Tiger is going to take time to get back and that he is going to struggle to regain his stranglehold on golf I would like you to look at it this way. If he was able to concentrate and block out all of the demons he had while doing whatever it was he was doing in his personal life, come out compete and still be heads and shoulders above the rest. If those demons are put to rest and the pure joy or love of the game is back for him, do you think he’s going to be better or worse than he was before? If his focus and concentreation is that intense, minus the demons I believe he is going to be even BETTER than he was before all of this stuff happend. I think this is the best for him and his family that all of this is behind him, the only people it’s not good for are his peers. Do you think he’s going to better or worse after all of this has transpired?

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