The Missing Piece in Orlando…

It’s not Vinsanity, Matt Barnes, Brandon Bass, White Chocolate, or even Ryan Anderson. The difference between this year’s Magic and last years is the addition of a healthy Jameer Nelson. Not the guy who came back at the end of the playoffs last year and played in the Finals on pure guts and guile but the former All-Star level point guard who ran this team at an extremely efficient rate. Dwight Howard has been in foul trouble this whole series and it hasn’t even mattered one bit, the reason you ask…..Jameer Nelson. In this series he’s averaging 25 points and he’s made 10 out of 22 three pointers and only missed 1 foul shot(15-16). I don’t know how this is being swept under the rug, but Jameer Nelson is back and the man is killing right now. He’s getting to the basket whenever he feels like it and drilling three after three, the Magic are a different team with Nelson running the show. He could be the difference between a title or a title appearance for Orlando. Who do you think is the Magic’s most important player second to Dwight that gives them the best chance to win a championship??

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