Why I HATE the NFC EAST!!!

Is this the only division in sports where they GIVE away franchise players like its charity??? No one even knows what Kevin Kolb is, and if that is who’s hands you put the franchise in at least get something worth it!!! Who cares about the 2nd round pick…you GAVE away a QB in their prime for a 2nd ROUND PICK!!! For once I have to give the SKINS’ credit, they still kept the 4th pick in the draft while gaining a franchise QB!! They can still get that left tackle of the future to protect McNabb and that gives them a chance to trade Campbell for at least the 2nd round pick they lost. Am I the only one in the world how thinks the NFC EAST is the DUMBEST DIVISION in sports?

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2 Thoughts to “Why I HATE the NFC EAST!!!”

  1. I feel sorry for Campbell. I really believe that the Skins will be haunted more than helped by McNabb simply because they have mishandled the business with dealings with Campbell. Not sure where to place the NFC in the mental apt., but agree that they have issues….

  2. I don't understand how u can hate THE BEST division in football.. I think the skins upgraded at the qb spot but wit no line I don't care if drew brees was back there things will not change..

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