Can the Habs do it again?

The Canadiens came back and beat the Caps in a 7 game series, they are already down a game to the Penguins after 1. The Redwings cruised past their 1st round match up and now are looking at a real challenge in climbing out of a hole to even the series at 1 against the Sharks. The Bruins and Flyers series has yet to begin, I’m picking the Flyers in that series though as much as I dislike them. The Blackhawks outlasted the Bulls in terms of playoff life in the city of Chicago and they play the Canucks tonight in Vancouver. At least the 2nd round has begun in one sport’s playoffs, the NBA needs to catch up!! Now that the Caps are out (needed a little time to grieve) and the gentle reminder of a friend(Pat I will not forget hockey) I will attempt to do a better job of covering the NHL Playoffs. Now that we all know who’s still in, do you think the Pens will repeat??

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