Celtics-Magic…..2nd Quarter of Game 3

Obviously it’s a bit premature for me to go a head and declare that this series is over but Orlando is down by 20!!!! It’s the 2nd QUARTER!!! I guess the Celtics aren’t going to let their foot off of the Magic’s throat any time soon, the Celtics are doing what a veteran team is supposed to….STOMP THE REMAINING LIFE out of it’s opponent!! I just appreciate seeing a team showing real KILLER INSTINCT, the Celtics are playing like a team out of the 90’s. Orlando was supposed to come out with fight and determinatoin especially after Paul Pierce giving them classic bulletin board material with his Game 2 post game quote !! Now, there’s 20 seconds left in the half and the Magic have hardly put a dent in the Celtic’s lead. I am officially declaring this series OVER!! Do you think this is a case of Orlando not showing up, or is it an example of the Celtics just dominating a team in every facet and taking away all hope of competing let alone winning???

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