Dez Bryant…out of shape?

I keep seeing articles about this as if this was a suprise, didn’t Dez miss the remainder of this past season? He played in three games, so between those three games and Cowboys mini-camp all the time that passed…maybe 4-6 months? Yes he’s going to be gassed, tired, doubled over and all that kind of stuff!! He missed a season in my eyes, a whole college season and people are truly suprised that he might be out of shape? For anyone who plays sports even on a low level knows that if you are playing consistently and then stop your wind is going to suffer. You might keep working out, but that doesn’t change the fact that your “legs” are gone. The only thing that keeps your legs is running, or the game whatever it is that you were doing. Any stoppage in set activity will cause you to loose your legs,timing,endurance whatever you want to call it will be gone. Secondly why is it also a suprise that he is already arguably the best WR on that team? This is the same team that had Roy Williams higher on the depth chart than standout Miles Austin so it doesn’t suprise me one bit. Do you think that too much is being made about Bryant’s being in shape or lack there of?

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