Game 1 Thoughts….Celtics-Magic

The Celtics went into Orlando and achieved their goal of stealing a game from the Magic. The Celtics came out aggressive on defense and were down right stifiling. The Magic struggled for maybe 3, 3 and a half quarters of the game before mounting an impressive comeback and almost overtaking the Celtics. Many people say it’s the Celtics that are the dominant team without taking the Magic’s long layoff into consideration. I do think the Celtics played a great game, but I don’t condone a team loosing a 20 point lead in 8 minutes and in the 4th quarter. That doesn’t give me a peace of mind in saying that they are clearly the better team, they were just the hotter team. I do believe this series is going to be intresting only because the Magic are more than capable of winning a game with out Dwight having a good game. Unlike the Cavs who NEED LeBron to be amazing every minute of every quarter of every game. I look forward to Game 2, I am still staying with my pick (orlando) to win this series. What did you think of the first game? Are the Celtics the better team, or is Orlando just rusty???

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