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There’s a lot of big stories this year in baseball, every day someone does something even more amazing than a player or team did the day before. I mean we have the Nationals with a winning record, the Rays possibly the best team in baseball, Andre Eithier possibly becoming an all time great clutch hitter, Jason Heyward doing things rookies have no business doing, Roy Holliday performing at an even higher level than he normally is at, and the Machine or Alber Pujos whichever you want to call him showing us that he’s nowhere close to slowing down. One story that I think has gone unearthed, the reemergence of Francisco Liriano!! Liriano was in the same conversation as Felix Hernandez a couple years ago prior to his injury, you really couldn’t mention Felix without mentinoing Francisco. After a terrible year last year, it looks like the guy is back on track to live up to his potential. His velocity is coming back and his control is better than ever. Prior to the injury in 2007, Liriano posted a 12-3 record with a 2.16 ERA and get this….144 strikeouts!!! He got hurt in ’07, his numbers in ’08 and ’09…..3.91 and 5.80 ERA and there were nothing but words of his demise and whispers that his best days were behind him. Liriano responded this year by coming out and showing everybody what kind of talent he really is!!! Liriano is 4-0 with a 1.50 ERA and 36 strikeouts, how has his performance gone unnoticed?? The lefty is only 26, with all of this behind him the Twins and Liriano have a bright future. Were you aware that Liriano was pitching this good and if not do you think this story is worth sharing on a bigger level??

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