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So I’ve missed a couple of games in terms of blog posts, I sincerely apologize because I am still in shock. When did the clock go back to 2008??? The Celtics AND Lakers are up 2-0, with the Celtics being a little more impressive because they were the road team. This post season has been a class in mental toughness, the Magic are more talented overall than the Celtics yet they are not mentally tough enough to beat the Celtics. That is where the Celtics are OWNING the Magic, they make way less mistakes and never panic no matter what the situation they are calm. They are BUILT for the post season, the other teams in the eastern conference are not, they are all regular season teams. As for the Lakers, they are doing what they are supposed to be doing. After being woke up by the tough 1st Round Series against the Thunder they have been on a roll!!! Looks like we are headed to a 2008 NBA Final rematch, and once again I’m taking the Celtics!!! Do you think I’m right, or am I shortchanging the Lakers??

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