The End for the King??

The Cavaliers became one of the first teams to ever win 60 plus games in back to back years and not win a championship. Last nights debocle in Boston was a major suprise for many of the Cavalier and LeBron backers. I on the other hand was not as suprised and I was actually sad that the Cavs went out like that. The Celtics aren’t even being mentioned as part of the equation as to why the Cav’s are exiting the playoffs early yet again. I believe that many people got enamored with the Cav’s record and LeBron’s back to back MVP awards. So no one took notice of the changes in Boston, Kevin Garnett finally looks HEALTHY!!! That is what stands out to me the most, even more than the emergence of Rondo in to the class of “Elite” point guards in this league. KG, not Paul Pierce is the gauge or heart beat of the Celtics. The production of the Celtic’s bench was also a big factor, Glen Davis and Tony Allen have become very important pieces in the Celtic’s rotation. The Cav’s didn’t look like the team that everyone wanted them to be, and I don’t forsee them becoming that team. Now that their season is over, it’s the countdown to July 1st which is the 1st day of Free Agency. Is this the end of an era in Cleveland??

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