The Misconception of LeBron James….

I would like to say that I believe LeBron James is physically the most gifted player in the league or even one of the most gifted the league has ever seen. I would like people to accept LeBron for who and what he is, one heck of a basketball player. He’s not going to be Kobe, Mike, or anyone else peple want him to be, LeBron is going to be LeBron. Since he was drafted I have believed that LeBron is our generation’s version of Oscar Robertson, and i don’t think there is anything remotely wrong with being that. I just think it’s sad that people take shots at the guy for not being who THEY want them to be. Accept LeBron for what he is and what he brings to the game, everyone isn’t built like Kobe, Michael, Duncan, DWade or any other “Closer” in the game. There is nothing wrong with that, he’s a walking triple double and that is remarkable. Please just accept that he’s not that guy, yes he might carry his team every night in the regular season but the post season is a diffrent animal. That’s when you find out who’s a man and who’s not, are you going to “LET” your team lose or are you going to go down fighting, better yet are you even going to accept going down fighting as an option? I was having a similar conversation with a friend earlier this week, talent is talent but if your will power doesn’t match it you are nowhere. Will power is what seprates these type of guys, the fact that the can’t accept no and it’s not even an option. For example, Dwade goes to war with much less than LeBron every night yet he contiues to come back night to night and his level of play never drops. Kobe no matter what type of game he is having, is not ever going to “let” his team lose. If LeBron were that type of guy, the Cav’s would be advancing and every one would be happy. I’m here to say that he isn’t and there isn’t anything wrong with that. The Celtic’s have 3 Hall of Famers on their roster, some guys need other guys to take the pressure off and there is nothing wrong with that. Do you think I’m crazy and should be admitted to a psyche ward?? Or can you accept LeBron for the immensely talented player that he is and what he’s not??

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