Boston became the first team in this year’s NBA Finals to win 2 GAMES IN A ROW!!! Every game the struggle of power goes back and forth, finally it stayed with one team. If that means anything, than the Lakers might be in trouble. The Celtics looked like they finally got back on track, at least in terms of the starter’s production. Their starting 5 actually came in as a group and produced this game. The Lakers look like they really need Bynum, there was a stretch in tonight’s game where Boston owned the boards and they’re the smaller team. Kobe carried the Lakers as far as any man could, but in the end he needed his teammates and they were nowhere to be found. I consider Kobe to be a volume shooter, as good as he is offensively he is far from efficient. Tonight however he was extremely efficient and it got him nowhere. Game 6 is back in LA and they better come to war as a TEAM, because 1 man is not going to beat the Celtics. Will the Lakers defend their home court?? Or will the Celtics close it out in LA in game 6?

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