Game 5..NBA Finals

So tonight is Game 5, after Shrek & Donkey’s big performance (Big Baby & Nate), the Celtics tied this series up. This is the last of the middle 3 games that will be played in Boston and they need to take advantage of it tonight!!! The Celtics have been preaching “TEAM” this whole season, and it has proved it’s point in this series when anyone and everyone is capable of showing up and winning games. Their bench is carrying them, the starters need to wake up. The Lakers on the other hand have shown they are very capable of getting leads and large ones at that and giving them up minutes afterwards. This is a heavyweight fight and we are approaching the 8th round, there have been no knockdowns, both punchers have won 4 rounds a pice, its even and someone needs a knock out, the question is WHO? Will it be Boston with their “Complete Team” philosophy, or will it be LA with Commander Kobe leading the charge? This series has lived up to the hype and has made this year’s playoffs even more memorable!! So who’s it going to be, the Lakers……or the Celtics??? It’s now a 3 game series…PICK ONE!!

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