NO..I’m not impressed, but I KNOW you are

So here we go again, my man Stephen Stasburg just pitched in his first road game…the veridct: he is now 2-0. The Nationals beat the Braves today by the score of 9-4. Strasburg gave up just 1 run albeit another home run, and struck out 8 in 6 innings of work. I had a great conversation with my mom last week(yes my mom, she got me into being a sports addict) after Strasburg’s debut, she had asked what all the hoopla was about and I told her how talented the kid is and the fact that he has “it.” I know people like to throw the “it” factor around an awful lot and the majority of the time it’s for the wrong guy. THIS guy, THIS pitcher, HE has IT!!! When players this special come along, you would think everyone would see it for what it was immediately. That’s what makes sports so great, some players come with “it” written all over them, some with the potential to get “it”, some players work their butts off to succeed which gives them a level of “it”, and others are the whole package from day 1. The last of the group are the guys that walk, talk, play with “it”, they are ready to play right out of the box, almost like a toy that needs no assembly, the LeBron James,Peyton Mannings, and Tiger Woods of the world. Other guys might take time to realize they have “it,” but no one but them knows and it takes time before “it” oozes out of them and they show “it” off to us all!! Those being the Tom Bradys, Dwayne Wades, and Alex Ovechkin type players where you expect them to be decent but they suprise you and shatter their former labels. Strasburg is, has been, and will always be a big time player and I hope everyone can let the hoopla die down and truly appreciate the kid’s mechanics, work ethic, and overall demeanor. Steven Strasburg didn’t just arrive last week, he’s been here for the 21 years he’s been on this earth. Sometimes it’s okay to step out on a limb and call something what it looks like…and the kid is SPECIAL!! How many of you are truly shocked by what Strasburg has done? Where do you think his ceiling is? Can you think of the last pitcher that started 2-0 with 22K’s??

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