Redskins Upgrading O-Line

So the Redskins just aquired offensive tackle Jamal Brown from the Saints, they did so through an extremely confusing and complicated trade that somehow involves the Eagle trade in which they aquired McNabb. I refuse to go into detail for fear of re-confusing myself and all of you, all I can say is they have surrendered both a 3rd and 4th round pick which depending on certain benchmarks being reached by either McNabb and the Redskins determine who gets the 3rd and who gets the 4th out of the Saints and Eagles. Back to the news point of this, I think the Redskins made a great move by getting another starter on their maligned offensive line. Trent Williams(this year’s 1st round pick) and Jamal Brown have the ability to play both tackle positions which is a great problem to have. With 2 solid bookends the Redskins can now focus on finding the players on their roster who can start at guard. Brown is only 29 which makes him still relatively young in the lifespan of an o-lineman, now maybe Heyer who will obviously no longer be asked to play tackle can slide inside to guard. Most tackles who are not quick enough to handle the edge, are able to excel playing guard. Unlike Redskins trades in the past that have cost draft picks, this is one of the few that I think they actually benefit from. By adding Brown do you think that helps the run or pass game more?? Now that they have 2 good tackles (assuming Trent Williams lives up to his potential), how do you think the Skins offense will fare?? Was this a good move, or do you wish it hadn’t cost draft picks??

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