Stanley Cup Update!!

All the Blackhawks needed was some home cooking, they jumped all over the Flyers to gain a 3-2 lead in the series. The Hawks jumped all over Philly winning 7-4, after not getting the neccessary production from it’s stars so far in this series the Hawks changed up some of the lines. I guess that was all they needed, by breaking up the starting line it ignited a fire underneath it’s stars and they all responded. Dustin Byfluglien, Patrick Kane, and Jonathan Towes were extremely effective earlier in the playoffs. After being seperated tonight, they all responded…BIG!! The Blackhawks are now only 1 win away from winning the Stanley Cup, do you think they will be able to clinch the series in Game 6??? Or will the Flyers respond and make this a 7 game series??

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