Sweet Revenge..

Ever go to play ball, ask who has next, told that you can run, just to get dropped in favor of someone else?? To make matters worse it’s always for someone who is just tall, doesn’t bring anything to the table but height?? When I mean nothing to the table, I mean to the point that the guy is so bad its almost like playing a man down!! Welcome to Edwin Jackson’s world, he was once a Tampa Bay Ray and no one remembers why he isn’t anymore. Well Mr. Jackson got his revenge last night, he was off some Kill Bill type revenge(hopefully you can recall those movies)!! Jackson not only beat his former team, he NO-HIT them!! He made history against his former team, and to compound matters this was the 2nd no-no thrown against the Rays THIS season!! Plus…he did it on 149 pitches(history), a very low percentage of strikes were thrown(53%),and tied a record of 36 batters faced!! Jackson made his former team the acheivement of his personal highlight tape!! Noting the Ray’s recent struggles, do you think they miss Jackson at all?? Can you believe he was ALLOWED to throw 149 pitches??

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