Why Strasburg SHOULD pitch in the All Star Game…

I was at work last night watching the Nats-Braves game, because the sound is off during the shift I don’t get to hear the commentators (which is a good thing most of the time), well later on I caught baseball tonight (didn’t intend to) and heard some of the most unsavory remarks about a kid who is in the WORST situation ever if you ask me. So one of the gentleman on the panel was asked if he thinks Strasburg should pitch in the All-Star game and he said something to the effect of no because the Nats need to do what’s best for their organization and let him rest. Later as they were recapping the game he said that Strasburg wasn’t great, or even good last night. Then he goes on to tell us why he didn’t agree with what decisions Strasburg made during the game last night. As I said before “unsavory” is the best word I could come up with to describe my feelings toward some of those statements. Strasburg pitched 6 innings of shut out ball, if you truly cared about him or the organization the manager would have took him out seeing that his team was providing negative 5 run support like usual. Instead you leave him in for a 3rd of an inning and he gives up 3 runs(mostly due to the porous defense behind him namely at second and short), you could have put a reliever in to start the 7th and let the kid walk a way with a no decision rather than a loss!! HE is the Nationals, prior to his debut their were many many MANY empty seats in that stadium!! Now everyone will stop their lives to get up to that park to watch the young man pitch! If one player singlehandeldy holds the attention of a whole fan base, than yes I think they should get to go to the All-Star game(no one else on the Nats is going to be mentioned in the same sentence as All-Star Game. My last reason, last week he pitched against the Royals and only gave up 1 run….HE LOST!!! 1 run in 7 innings and you lose, your team can’t scratch across 1 run?? Last night he had 6 innings of shut out ball ( on a bad night) and you gave the man nothing offensively and gave up everything defensively!! He deserves better, let him go play in the All-Star game so for one night of his rookie year he could see what it’s like to have a full complement of talented players behind him while he pitches!! Do you think he should pitch in the All-Star Game?? Or should he even be selected??

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