Under the Radar..

Stephen Strasburg, Jason Heyward, Mike Stanton, Ike Davis, and Buster Posey are the headliners for a year when youth has thrived in the Big Leagues Those are the household names or at least soon to be household names, well I have another one for you…Domonic Brown!!! He just recently got called up to the Phillies due to injuries to their… Read More

Phillies land Oswalt!!!

The Philadelphia Phillies have upgraded their already talented pitching staff, they now add Roy Oswalt to their rotation. Oswalt has been in Houston his whole career, he was rescued by the Phillies much like Kevin Garnett was rescued by the Celtics. Oswalt has been one of the most dominant pitchers in his time, his only downfall is the talent around… Read More

T.O.’s New Team…

The Cincinati Bengals had one of the league’s worst passing attacks last year, through the draft and offseason moves they might have one of the best. Jermaine Gresham the outstanding TE from Oklahoma and Jordan Shipley who was Colt McCoy’s right hand at Texas will be the youth infused in the passing game. Then they went out and signed Antonio… Read More