Almost Proud to be a Knicks Fan…

I like many other Knicks fans have been walking through NBA seasons wondering when we would be woken up from this reoccuring nightmare, and today we took a step in that direction. I don’t think this is the answer to all of our prayers, but at least this gives us A LEGITIMATE NBA PLAYER(no offense to the rest of the Knick’s roster)!!!! At least now when you say Knicks, you can actualy say a name that is recognizable to non-Knicks fan when you say Amare. We have no point guard, but I have faith in 2 things. 1 being the Wizards need to get rid of Gilbert Arenas and 2 being that we are the only team in the league who actually needs/wants him!! The other good thing out of all this, there is actually a building block!! What point guard in the league doesn’t want to play with a big man like Amare??? He’s a point guard’s dream, so Steve Nash isn’t walking through MSG’s doors anytime soon and I don’t want him to. If Lee wants to go to Minnesota, at least do it in a sign and trade and get Flynn or Sessions in return. Kyle Lowry is a restricted Free Agent, he is also an option. Just 24 years of age, he can run a team and can shoot the basketball. I am almost excited, almost thinking about the Knick’s future and that their luck might be changing. As a lifetime Knicks fan, I am also bracing myself for the bonehead decision that will follow this intelligent move. Hopefully Donnie Walsh is who he says he is and there are nothing but intelligent decisions ahead!! What do you think of the Amare signing? Will the Knicks be able to get something for David Lee, or will he walk free?? Can Amare lure another top tier Free Agent to NY??

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