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I am now even more a believer that the Heat are going to contend for an NBA Title for the next 5 years or so(please remember the word I used..CONTEND). As I said before about this whole LeBron James thing, he reminds me soo much of Alex Rodriguez. In fact I am starting to believe they were seperated at birth and just play different sports!! LeBron just became the new found owner of a BIG BROTHER, someone who can and will stand up for you and deflect attention and pressure off of you at the drop of a hat. After maybe the worse PR choice in the world aka “The Decision,” everyone has been ripping the young and talented Mr. James. In the past(prior to joining the Heat), he would be left to take all of this on his own and struggle to hold up under neath this new kind of pressure. Enter Dwayne Wade, like Jeter this is a man no one really saw anything special about until he showed up and started competing. His work ethic and sheer determination give them both a level of respect that few athletes can gain, the kind of respect that can quiet controversies and absorb other’s percieved pressure. A-Rod was under much pressure after his first few forays into the post season that resulted in terrible, terrible, terrible play on his part. Jeter routinely defended his teamate and has kept the pressure of of A-Rod by stepping up his own play, little by little A-Rod regained his footing and was an integral part of the Yankee’s title run last year. I see much of same in LeBron’s recent change of scenery, he is now going to be able to just unleash even deeper parts of his potential because of the lack of pressure. No matter what you do, the Franchise Player (Wade, Jeter) has your back and will step in to deflect the pressure coming your way. He will now be able to do “just play” the game, and taking just some amount of the enormous pressure that is placed on that young man’s shoulders off will do WONDERS for him. Since “The Letter” and the “Quitter” accusations, Dwayne Wade has stepped up and fought on behalf of his young teammate. This is something LeBron has been yearning for, someone to have his back and as all of you know it is much easier to produce when you have the right kind of support. KNOWING that someone has your back and HOPING that someone has your back are two totaly different worlds, LeBron just came from HOPING to KNOWING!! What kind of year do you think LeBron is going to have statistically this year?? Do you think having Dwayne Wade in the role of Big Brother is going to help LeBron and if so how much??

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