Felipe Melo’s Gift to the Netherlands…

I want to first start out by congratulating the Dutch for taking advantage of every opportunity they had to beat Brazil!! They are a good team and I wish them further success in this year’s tournament. I am writing this objectively(even though as someone who was pulling for Brazil I was screaming most of the second half), Felipe Melo should never again be allowed to don his country’s colors. If you can not keep your cool, or stay disciplined you do not need to be out there. The Dutch played a good game, but Melo’s over aggressive challenges kept awarding the Dutch set pieces. If you are a student of the game you will understand how much of an advantage that is when playing superior skilled teams. A set piece is a play, something that is practiced millions of times and is perfected. The most average skilled team can survive if they are granted numerous set pieces, and the Dutch are more than an above average team, they are 4th in the world!! They like most teams in the world, know that you cannot beat Brazil at their game. The best thing you can do is defend, hold the ball, and capitalize on your set piece opportunities. The Dutch defended modestly, they even did an average job of holding the ball, what they did do was CAPITALIZE on every set piece opportunity they were given. By no way am I taking any credit away from the Dutch, I just want you all to understand why Felipe Melo should write his contributions off on his taxes after today. I truly stand by my earlier statement that he should NEVER wear the blue, yellow, and green of Brazil EVER again!! Now that the Dutch have advanced, how far do you think they can go??

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