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So after all the waiting, July 1st was extremely uneventful.Darko Milicic, Amir Johnson, Adam Morrison, and Channing Frye all got deals yesterday. The only 2 signings that I am going to honestly ACKNOWLEDGE are Drew Gooden to the Bucks and Rudy Gay staying with the Grizzlies. The Bucks signing of Gooden was a steal, you get an extremely productive veteran and plug him in next to Andrew Bogut for only 32 million!! Gooden’s deal is 5 yrs, I know the Bucks have to be ecstatic!! Everyone remembers the Pau Gasol trade that GAVE the Lakers one of the NBA’s premier power forwards for nothing, so following that line of thinking why would the Grizz possibly keep Rudy??? Well someone in that organization made a good decision, well 2 of them. First they drafted Xavier Henry which gives them a regular sized shooting guard. Second they resigned one of the future stars of this league(and yes I will defend that all day) and by the time his contract runs up he will only be 28!! Much like the Thunder are trying to lock up Mr. Durant for years to come, the Grizz did their part by retaining Gay. Hopefully this summer’s US team will have both of these young talented wings on the roster and all of you can see how dynamic Rudy is in addition to Durant’s brilliance. When do you think one of the Big 3 is going to sign?? And where???

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