Immediate Thoughts on USA Showcase..

Game just ended about 10 minutes ago….I thought it was going to be a more competitive showing, but I think the teams may have been inadvertently stacked. Not talent wise but chemistry wise, I thought the white team looked far more cohesive than the blue team. It was like everyone on the white team already had their roles figured out and everyone on the blue team were reluctant to accept their roles. Durant flat out killed!! He did whatever he wanted whenever he wanted to do it and wherever he wanted to do it from!! Rose/Curry (white team) and Billups/Rondo(blue team) looked like the best backcourt pairings. Rose/Curry didn’t really turn the ball over and they were both very accepting of their roles and rarley played outside of themselves. Billups/Rondo looked like a natural fit as Billups was happy to let Rondo run the show so he could run off of screens. The thing that jumped out at me was the versatility of this roster! Alot of players can play 3-4 different positions which allows for a plethora of line-ups. One of the main questions was who was going to step up as the 2nd option offensively for Kevin Durant…the answer Rudy Gay!! He and Durant are going to be a problem for the rest of the world to deal with offensively! More on the USA Team to come!!

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