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So after all of the recent findings of players taking money and players allegedly taking money is the NCAA finally going to do something?? In the past they have stood pat and looked the other way as coaches and players have complained about the access that agents have to them. After Nick Saban’s comments at SEC media day maybe now the NCAA will listen, he compared the agents to “pimps” in the way that they try to get the players attention. Saban said that they are kids, the NCAA considers the players adults purely because they are 18 and older when they arrive on campus. One point of view is that maybe they should consider allowing the players to seek outside information about the NFL so they can make positive and intelligent decisions when that time comes. Another view is to allow the players to have agents, because if we are honest about it they all pretty much do anyways. The problem is that the NCAA doesn’t want to share the money it makes off of these kids, that is who the real culprit is here. Yes I agree that agents should not be on campuses and pressuring players or trying to lure them by giving them money that students can’t possibly have on a scholarship. At the same time the NCAA makes billions of these kids every year and the money is shared with the schools, not one dime goes to the people that are actually playing the game. Do you think the NCAA should pay it’s athletes?? Or should they just not allow agents on campuses?? Who’s more at fault, the agent, the player, the coach, or the school??

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