Phillies land Oswalt!!!

The Philadelphia Phillies have upgraded their already talented pitching staff, they now add Roy Oswalt to their rotation. Oswalt has been in Houston his whole career, he was rescued by the Phillies much like Kevin Garnett was rescued by the Celtics. Oswalt has been one of the most dominant pitchers in his time, his only downfall is the talent around him. Now put in a position to thrive many expect Oswalt to help the Phillies win the World Series. The Phillies now boast a rotation that includes Roy Halladay and Cole Hamels, as long as their bats don’t go silent like last year in the World Series the Phillies may remeber this move as the “One” that got them their Championship. Do you think the addition of Oswalt instantly makes the Phillies World Series Favorites?? With Oswalt in tow, does that make Hamels the number three starter?? Did the Astros get enough in return??

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