To Dan Gilbert and the Fine people of Ohio…

Why wait until now to lash out at LeBron James?? When he was taking your team to the playoffs and selling out your arena for the past 7 years all of his antics and actions were acceptable, even applauded by your fans. Mr. Gilbert I would like to know how if you truly felt this strongly about LeBron James, did you keep your feelings inside and even bring yourself to complement him for his accomplishments. Why would you want someone of this foul character to continue to play for your supposedly “PROUD” franchise?? Why take all of the money that a “narcissistic” person made for you?? I am not a huge LeBron fan, and by NO WAY do I CONDONE his method as far as announcing his decision for where he would like to play this upcomming season!! I do however think that LeBron is an extremely talented basketball player who has barely tapped into his vast potential. I personally see him as one of the “many” stars in the league, just not as the same way I view Wade and Bryant. There is nothing wrong with who LeBron is as a basketball player, I think he is a mix of Magic Johnson and Oscar Robertson. I don’t think he is a killer, a finisher, like Wade and Bryant. I think the hype has made LeBron bigger than his game, I think LeBron accepts who he is as a player and I wish his fans would. Back to Mr. Gilbert and Ohio, you knew 3 years ago that he would be a free agent and it wasn’t an issue than because you became fat and happy and figured there is NO WAY he’d leave his cushy Cleveland gig!! You couldn’t look outside of your own greed to see that the kid really cared about winning and money wasn’t the issue, you DESERVE what happened to you tonight. When he was yours everything he did was great, and you ignored all of his OBVIOUS signs that he was going to leave and he wasn’t as in LOVE with the Cleveland as you all were in love with HIM!! You want to call him out for doing what was best for him, what you couldn’t do for him and that was get him the Star he needed to get a championship. Look in the mirror, you are the owner and it all falls on YOU!! Just because someone is born somewhere doesn’t mean he has to STAY there, at the end of the day it’s just your birthPLACE!! What did you all think of Dan Gilbert’s comments about LeBron??

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