Wade+ Bosh…room for 1 more??

Wade County has a new resident…Chris Bosh!! They announced their intentions to join the Heat today, whether it’s through sign and trade(Bosh) or out right Bosh is going to be a member of the Heat. LeBron James plans to announce his decision tommorrow night, well if he wasn’t already having trouble making a decision this isn’t going to help!! Do you stay with the Cavs knowing that you are essentially stuck with that same team for 2 years and you know that you have to deal with whatever they build around Bosh&Wade in Miami?? Do you join them in Miami, rather than try to beat them?? I think a part of this a lot of people are forgetting is that the Heat got good talent in the 2nd Round of this year’s draft. Every analyst likes to bring up the fact that there is nothing in Miami outside of Wade and now Bosh. You can correct me if I’m wrong, but Michael Beasely isn’t exactly the worse 3rd option on a team. He’s extremely talented on the offensive end of the ball, it’s the defensive side of things that Beasely needs help with. Plus, when you are the 3rd option there is less responsibility on you and way less pressure. If anything Beasley should THRIVE this year if he stays in Miami!! Dexter Pittman and Jarvis Vernado give you 2 very different young active bodies at the center position. Pittman is a force offensively and Vernado broke the NCAA record for blocks!! They also quietly selected Da’Sean Butler, if he comes back healthy from that gruesome knee injury, they are in good shape in terms of a bench. I am confident Pat Riley will build a winner around these 2 big time players!! The only question is whether LeBron will join them, or try beating them??

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