Who’s Shanahan’s Man??

So the Redskins are coming into this season with a very talented collection of running backs. On the list there’s Clinton Portis(29), Larry Johnson(30), and “Fast” Willie Parker(29). The Redskins have already addressed their offensive line, for like the first time ever the man that starts at tailback will actually get a chance to recieve the handoff without having to immediately make a move before reaching the line of scrimmage. I don’t know if Shanahan really wants LJ and Parker or if this was a ploy just to get Clinton Portis to take this seriously and return to his form of old. If it is indeed a ploy I guess it’s already started to work, it’s been reported that Portis has already lost weight and he is closer to the lighter Portis he was in Denver when he was terrorizing the league. If not than this as another opportunity for Larry Johnson to remind us why he was a top 5 back in this league, he has a chance to shine in this offense with his style of running(it’s made for the NFC East). Parker on the other hand, I don’t really see as anything more than a scat back. I understand he did some good things for the Steelers in past years, but that was on stretch plays and counters exclusively almost. Competition is the greatest medicine to complacent players, when there is ACTUALLY a threat on the roster that can take your job the REAL players will rise. Who do you think is going to be the Skins #1 RB opening day?? Does a lighter Portis mean a better Portis?? Will Larry Johnson thrive in this division given the physical style of play?? Is Willie Parker EVEN a viable option to COMPETE for the starting job??

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