Why is the Media Hating??

In that draft class of 2003 there were many stars, what people fail to realize is how well rounded these players all are. Of that class the only one who is an extremely prolific scorer is Carmelo Anthony, he is maybe the least well rounded overall which isn’t a knock on him at all!! Melo, much like Kobe Bryant is extremely proficient at putting the ball in the basket. Bosh, James, and Wade however, CAN score but they also impact the game in every aspect. On the boards, distributing, shot blocking and more!! I know everyone likes to say that the chemistry players have on the US Team has nothing to do with regular season basketball, but I disagree!! Our best national teams were when the rosters were loaded with well rounded players that could FIT into roles, of course there are going to be exceptions but chemistry is chemistry. Follow me here…If you were the Franchise player and teams were built around you, and their success all depended on you doing almost everything by yourself and you failed. Why wouldn’t you want HELP!! Wouldn’t that experience make you long for a chance to just fall into a role and just PLAY basketball?? What is this so called SACRIFICE I hear of?? Seriously…is that the only thing the media can come up with??? If you all averaged over 24 points a game separately, OBVIOUSLY your average might go down when you don’t have to do as much!! The Big 3 in Boston showed that it can work and they didn’t get together until they were in the twilight of their careers!! So why would these guys fail if they are getting together in their PRIMES?? I mean Boston almost did it again last year!! I heard some of the craziest stuff tonight by these “experts.” Just 2 months ago they were saying Orlando needed to blow their team up, now they are saying Orlando is better than Miami….ummm HOW??? Didn’t Orlando loose to those “old” guys up in Boston?? I mean who’s the favorite in the East…Atlanta Charlotte, Boston( now a year older), I’m waiting for a realistic suggestion?? The Media should be ashamed of themselves for basically making things up just because they don’t want to say that Miami is now a legit contender!! What do you think of the “expert” opinions and thoughts about Miami?? Are they right, is Miami even a contender in the “suddenly strong” Eastern Conference??

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