World Cup Update!!

So heading into tuesday we have your semi finalists, Uruguay-Netherlands and Germany-Spain. This has been a wild weekend, the Dutch rallied to beat Brazil 2-1. Germany than BLASTED an Argentina team that was highly hyped, Spain survived by another late goal from David Villa. Uruguay outlasted the Ghanians in there match to advance. This is probably the most unlikely collection of teams left outside of Spain. Everyone knew the Germans and the Dutch were good, what we didn’t know was how GOOD they were and they definitely showed us!! I really can’t say I knew of anyone screaming Uruguay as a realistic contender, but here they are still standing, and standing strong at that. Diego Forlan is showing us that he is not done, and if this is his last World Cup, win or lose he would have gone out with a bang. I remember when I did the WC preview that I had said Germany had one of the best midfields in the tournament, I also remembering saying they needed someone up front to provide some scoring punch because Klose was up there in age. Boy has he proven me wrong!! Klose is now 2 goals away from WC immortality by having the record of most goals scored. Ronaldo has to be worried, because if Klose keeps up his form he is surely to beat Ronaldo’s record. David Villa has single handedly carried Spain, will he be able to take this team even further on his shoulders?? Can Forlan keep up his form?? Will Germany with their loaded midfield and Klose be able to bring home the cup?? Or will the Dutch continue their outstanding play and go back home as champions??

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