Dear Brett Favre…

Dear Brett Favre, I hate your stinking guts….You are more than a grown man, you are old enough to be a”seasoned” head coach, every time I try to accept you for the talent you are THIS happens!! Mr. Favre I don’t like to wish bad on anyone, but you are just asking for it this year. I have begrudgingly took your premature bouts with retirement rather quietly, this time however…..I WILL NOT!! If you were anyone else in this league, you would be ripped by the media, instead you are celebrated. That is the part that bothers me more than anything and any Brett Favre fans reading this, you might want to stop the rest of this post might make you queasy. Mr. Favre has won A Super Bowl, not several just 1. Trent Dilfer won 1 as well, why is he not as celebrated as Mr. Favre?? For all the love Mr. Favre gets, his career passer rating is only 86.6, you would think it would be flirting with 100 or something but as it is, it’s only a 86.6. Surely someone this talented would have an other world like completion percentage right…of course not Mr. Favre’s is a 62 for his career and that counting last year where he had his best statistical year! Mr. Favre has 497 Touchdowns and 317 Interceptions. Peyton Manning has 366 Touchdowns compared to only 181 Interceptions, Manning’s career passer rating is 95.2!! Drew Brees has a career passer rating of 91.9, I am not saying that Brett Favre is a bad NFL player. Favre is going to go down as one of the greats, I’m just saying he’s far from being the GREATEST!! I’m just saying that he shouldn’t be applauded for his CHILDLIKE behavior. If we as a nation can rip down LeBron James with no issue who at 25, why does Favre get love for doing the same thing 3 TIMES and no one say one disparaging thing??? I dont get it, will someone please explain this to me??’

I’m listening..

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2 Thoughts to “Dear Brett Favre…”

  1. All I have to say is check Romo's 95.6.

  2. lol so you're not in love with Mr. Favre either?

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