Revis Island and Alcotraz..

I was reading an article about the Jet’s training camp and came across a part about Antonio Cromartie, most of the talk this training camp is all about Darrelle Revis and his absence. Well all I want to talk about is Cromartie, he had asked fans to come up with a nickname via twitter and the result is “Alcotraz!” So now they have two places that no one wishes to go, and there’s no coming back. A while back I had said that of all the Jet’s offseason moves that this was the biggest!! I don’t think anyone has ever had 2 corners of this quality at the same time and around the same age!! I believe Revis is 24 or 25 and Cromartie is 26, if they give them the deals they deserve the Jets will end up with 2 of the top 10 corners in the league in my opinion. I personally think they have 2 of the top 5 corners in the league, but most people seem to forget who Cromartie was. There is nothing wrong with him, it was a combination of scheme and injuries. Cromartie played through a hip injury the past couple of seasons, for defensive backs the hips are the most important piece of the puzzle. If you have tight hips it doesn’t allow you to open and turn, having a hip injury obviously hampers you from doing so. Cromartie is a freak athlete, at 6’2 and blessed with elite speed he is a defensive coordinator’s dream. The Chargers changed coordinators 2 years ago which resulted to them playing zone, back in 2007 when Cromartie jumped onto the scene with 10 interceptions they were blitzing and playing a lot of man to man. Now he is back in the kind of situation he thrives in, all Rex Ryan likes to do is blitz. Ryan now has 2 corners he can trust to shut down opposing teams wide outs, most teams only have one #1 WR and the Jets have two # 1 corners…you do the math. There is only one place you can go and that’s the middle of the field, no matter what happens with Revis the Jets still end up with a top of the line corner!! Now if Revis gets his deal done and gets back on the field, you tell me which place you’d want to visit…Alcotraz…or Revis Island?? Who is going to have more interceptions..Revis or Cromartie?? Is this the best corner tandem in the league?? Will they both get long term deals??

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  1. -Cromartie will have more interceptions because quarterbacks will rather throw his way than Revis.-Toss up between Cincys CB's and the Jets, only because Cromartie has to get back to 2007 form, if he does it's the Jets without a DOUBT.(I would mention my Cowboy's corners if Terrence was still his old self. Same goes with Green Bay's corners, if only they were 10 years younger.)-Cromartie will in the middle of the season, and I can't even predict when Revis will. Rex's new idea is for the entire roster and management to meet with Revis and his agents. We can tell Rex wants his favorite toy back.

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