Team USA’s Weekend..

So Team USA had a big weekend….the question is how did they do?? They rallied to beat Lithuania and held on to beat Spain, Greece is up next so I’m anxious to watch that game as well. The US looks like they are building chemistry with one another although I don’t think we’ve seen Coach K use his “Tournament” starting 5, I think he’s pulling a page out of the European Coaches Book and keeping some of his secrets close to the vest. I think there is an extremely dangerous combination of players on this roster that would make one hell of a starting 5, I just don’t think we are going to see it until it’s time. I see that KD is the leader, Iggy is the stopper, Rudy is the 2nd scorer, and D.Rose is THE point guard. Chauncey and Lamar in the leadership role is what most see, I on the other hand see a trio of leaders. That would be KD, Rose, and Gay!! If you want a good measure of how the team is doing, check their stats. Rondo whom I love to death is NOT a FIBA point guard, Rose is the most FIBA made point guard on the roster. The other player I love and I mean love is Iggy aka Andre Iguadala, he has been one of the most consistent players so far and his defense especially in the passing lanes is HUGE!! I think the team will be alright, but the line ups and roles need to be determined before tournament play so everybody is aware of what they SHOULD bring to the table. What do you think of the USA Team?? Do you think they can win the World Championships, or that they should have brought more experienced players?? Do you think their 1 point victory over Spain is just a prelude to a world class collapse in this tournament??

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  1. All I know is my Kevin Durant is the 3rd best player in the league.

  2. So, i'm guessing you're excluding Dwayne Wade in your top 3 or is it LeBron you left out of the 3??

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