The Public Excecution of Albert Haynesworth..

I’m sure EVERYONE has heard if not seen reports about Mr. Haynesworth and the Washington Redskins. I am not a fan of Mr. Haynesworth, so as I prepare to defend this player please keep this in mind. I would like to also state that I have no loyalty to the Redskins or any other NFC East team, so this is not from a biased perspective either. Haynesworth signed a massive contract last year, this was prior to a coaching change and scheme change as well. I am part of the school of thought that believes you can not truly judge a player if you do not set them up to SUCCEED. He earned that pay day by anchoring a defense in Tennessee, a “4-3” defense in Tennessee. Last year in Washington, the Redskins played a 4-3 defense and Haynesworth didn’t dominate but he did help that defense finish in the 10 in the league. So in my mind he at least earned his pay, Tennesee on the other hand struggled after loosing the anchor of their defense!! The “conditioning” test that Mr. Shanahan has laid out for Mr. Haynesworth to pass is not realistic, I believe he is being petty and egotistical in his efforts to publicly humiliate and vilify Mr. Haynesworth. I understand that Haynesworth could have been a little more receptive to the scheme change and that he should have participated in at least a couple of the team’s offseason training program. At the same time, the Redskins should have been up front and honest last year when they signed Haynesworth and let him know that they were thinking about a coaching change before the ink dried. I do not believe Haynesworth would have been here if he knew the whole defensive scheme was set to change!! Either way I blame both parties for what this situation has turned in to, now the Redskins are putting their best defensive line player at risk(injury) over an ego battle. At the end of the day, this team is not going to perform well on defense with out him in there. Bottom line, they NEED him to be an effecitive 3-4 defense. As a 49ers fan I can ASSURE you that your defense will struggle without a stout defensive line while playing the 3-4 defense!! Do you think this situation is being handled correctly, or should they come to some sort of comprimise?? Should they start the season with Haynesworth on the bench, or should they try to trade him? Is this worth starting the season with out it’s most pivotal piece on defense??

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