Trade Ya Derek Lee for…..

So the NL East leading Atlanta Braves lost Chipper Jones for the season one week and get Derek Lee the next week. Do you want to know what it cost?? Three Pitching prospects, yup that it!! Get this, it’s the best part none of them are in Triple A!!! I am the biggest advocate for trading players past their primes for younger guys, only I hate when it’s done wrong!! The Cubs got hosed, bamboozled, hustled, whatever you want to call it the Braves got over on them!! All that talent on the Braves roster that is Big League ready and all you got was a couple of guys in Single and Double A??? I’m not a Braves or Cubs fan, what they do has no impact on my team since I am a fan of an AL East team. I just hate when I see obvious 1 sided trades, I’m not even going to put down the 3 pitchers names because I don’t think it will ever be relevant, emphasis on EVER!!! I would like to congratulate the Braves from loosing Troy Glaus to having a healthy Derek Lee for essentially nothing!! What do you think of his trade, did the Cubs come out on top by getting the 3 young pitchers?? Are the Braves building for a World Series Run???

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2 Thoughts to “Trade Ya Derek Lee for…..”

  1. Eh, I wouldn't say the Cubs got "hosed." Derrek Lee is on the decline, and has been injured the past few seasons. I am assuming that ATL would not part w/ their top prospects for Lee, so the Cubs took what they could get. Baseball America ranks one of the prospects, Robinson Lopez (19), as a possible "sleeper" in their system. He's young so he's got time to develop. But overall I would say the Braves upgraded atLEAST defensively in Lee over Glaus.

  2. Thanks for the timely response brandon! I probably was a little harsh saying they got hosed, but getting just one potentially good player and that's why I think they got got. But I feel u, thanks again for commenting!!

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