USA’s First Time Under the Bright Lights

The “New Look” USA team took on France today as part of the events of the World Basketball Festival held in New York that was largely put together by Nike. The USA started very slow, but I think the question as to who the 2nd Fiddle is to Kevin Durant has been answered. Rudy Gay showed why the Grizz gave him that lucrative extension this off season. He was scoring at will and was extremely efficient while doing so, Durant than woke up and joined the party. Those 2 players are going to make it very difficult for the rest of the world, there aren’t too many guys their size who can do what they do. Coach K had a line up today that included Chandler,Odom,Gay,Durant, and Derrick Rose!! That is an extremely long,athletic, and versatile group of players. Stephen Curry showed why he IS going to be on this team by passing the ball and shooting the lights out. Eric Gordon made a case for himself by continuing to shoot as well, I am a little worried about Russell Westbrook because of his lack of a perimiter jumper. You can’t take 2 of those guys, Rondo and Westbrook. I like where this team is going, and I hope Rudy Gay continues to show the world why he is on the verge of being a household name!! Derrick Rose IS the best point guard on the roster and he BARELY turns the ball over. Do you like the new “Team USA?” Or do you think they will fail because of their lack of size or starpower??

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