Why Redskins Fans should be Optomistic…

The Washington Redskins at this time of the year are usually taking a mediocre Preseason performance to heart and automatically guranteeing success for their team in the upcoming season. For the past decade or so, it’s only been worth it 2 or 3 times. Well Skins’ Fans…It might be time to accept that your team is going to REALLY be a contender in the NFC East!! I’m not talking about the B.S type of contender in a division, but a real like finishing at least in the running for 2nd type contender in a division. What I saw for the first time in years on Friday night was a Redskins team with..are you ready for this….DIRECTION!! They finally have the type of LEADER they need, there is a lot of talent here on this roster and there usually is always above average talent on the Skins’ roster. Only this time they have someone who has a CLEAR cut direction as to where they are going and what the identity of this team is going to be. Trust me Skins’ fans, as a 49er fan I truly understand what it’s like to watch your team operate without a leader!! When we got Coach Singletary there were 3 things I knew, he wasn’t going to take anybody’s ish,his team was going to be disciplined, and that their was finally a direction. That is what you all now have in Shanahan, your team will do a few things no matter what the case. 1: They are going to RUN the football and run it well, 2: They are going to be disciplined, and 3: They have a direction and will not allow anybody to get them off track!! I still believe the Giants will win the division, but I don’t see why the Skins can’t finish 2nd if not fight for 1st!! Dallas…as long as Garrett is calling their plays will beat themselves until he is fired!! Philly has always had Red Zone issues offensively and I don’t care who they have personel wise as long as Reid is their coach they will NOT run the ball!! Do you think the Redskins have a chance this year? Who IS the best team in the NFC East??

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4 Thoughts to “Why Redskins Fans should be Optomistic…”

  1. As far as the Skins go I do agree with you on this one.. But they play in the DMV & no DMV team has proven my theory wrong yet!!! Regardless how many great players/coaches they have they'll find someway of screwing it up!! McNabb is definitely injury prone & it that line doesn't protect him its gonna be a long season. Lord forbid he does get hurt then they gotta rely on Rex Grossman & as a Bears fan I know what he's not capable of doing… That's WINNING THE GAME FOR YOU!! He'll do his best not to screw it up bad but all the years he was in Chicago it was the Defense that won the games not Rex!! He did enough just to lose the games.. But when they needed him to come thru on the days the defense couldn't do it alone he wasn't there!! Either way the NFC East is gonna be an interesting division this year!! All the teams have their flaws!

  2. I feel you Renzo about Rex and the whole DMV Curse, I'm there with you. This just feels different, I have the same feeling about the Skins that I had when the Nats got Strasburg and this year drafted Bryce Harper….The Caps when they got Ovie…and the Wiz with the selection of Wall…Things have to turn for the best eventually and it honestly feels like change is in the water in the DMV…How long until someone dumps the "new" water out?? Your guess is as good as mine but as long as they're still drinking the good stuff, I'm going to be optomistic.

  3. The Cowboys are still the best team in Division. Quite frankly because we are the most talented. We have the best defense in the Division and Doug Free has looked great in preseason. The not scoring in the preseason doesn't bother me. I don't know about the Raiders game (which the Cowboys were still tired because of lack of rest in between games) but Roy Willaims garnered two targets at the goal line and we didn't even attempt to run it in. We were testing Roy, and he proved all the critics right. Dez and Witten will receive all redzone targets during the season if we don't pound it in. Now I'm an honest man, and the redskins looked great. But they won't dethrone the Cowboys. They will however fight for the #2 with the Giants. Trent didn't look bad, he didn't look great either but it is highly apparent the talent is there. As I've said since the trade, McNabb can win 4-6 games by himself. And Devin Thomas played exactly how i knew he could GREAT! he's 6'3 with 4.3 speed. Also the fact that Haynesworth is starting to like the 34 is scary because he looked great at nose. But i have learned one clear cut thing about the redskins. I've finally fell in love with one of their players(no homo). Brandon Banks was amazing. He's a fighter going to JUCO then Kansas state and putting up 1,000 yards receiving with his 5'6 150 pound frame is just amazing. Well i guess that's what you get when you have legit 4.2 flat speed and beat Chris Johnson in a race twice. He's representing for you Wilson lol. This year I'm not so worried about the Skins because of their aging backfield and the VERY MUCH IMPROVED but still shaky oline won't be excellent in Shanahans run first offense. but looking towards the future, If Mark Ingram's is on the board and the skins take him……..We're gonna see some amazing Boys-Skins games.

  4. the first thing that went through my head friday night while watching the game was "REMEMBER OSAKA" Osaka being the 38-7 pounding of the 49ers in Spurrier's first game as coach. And we all know how that ended. Of course Shanahan is not steve spurrier, but after years of crap from the skins I want to hold back my expectations for now. Sure I was def happy with how they played and even though it is preseason it still was a win. which is WAY better than them coming out and looking terrible. So that is def a good sign. And they def need to find a way to keep brandon Banks so we can keep seeing him do the John Wall Dance more.

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